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January 6th, 2011, 23:11
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
I always had "please use anything you like but include me in the credits if it is a significant contribution to your mod" disclaimer in my readmes.
I believe that this approach is one that all modders should use, and I'm very grateful for level-headed, non-egotistical modders such as yourself. I can fully understand being upset about not receiving credit for one's work and effort, but the Morrowind modding community is notoriously touchy and overzealous about unnecessary rules. These absurd conditions on how others can use different mods prevent mod compilations that would make the modding process a lot easier for everyone. All mods are non-profit works anyway, so does it really matter if a modder uses another person's mod in their own work, so long as they give credit where it is due?

It's a good thing that Morrowind is generally a great game in its vanilla state, because given how the modding community doesn't really behave like a "community" - as in, working collaboratively to make the game better - there will never be an awesome overhaul mod that enhances the entire game using the contents of many different mods. (Unless such a thing already exists - I gave up on Morrowind mods a few years back and recently re-played it without checking for new mods)
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