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January 7th, 2011, 11:17
The respawning of monsters was never really an issue for me. I mean, by the time anything has respawned they were really low level compared to me and I could one shot any of them or just run past without getting damaged. Also, dungeons don't respawn, as far as I can tell, just select groups in the world map. And it seems that most world map monster groups don't, or I did whatever quests were necessary to stop the respawning, because I barely see anything respawn.

This is really an overblown "problem" mostly shouted by morons who are looking for a reason to not play the game, rather than people who've played the game and got irritated by it.

Let's go back to what Alrik said about action RPGs being games respawning monsters and story-rpgs being games where monsters don't respawn. Baldur's Gate I and II have random encounters. Some are story related, others are not, instead being randomly determined. The classic gold box Story RPG with tactical combat Pool of Radiance had invisible random encounters of a limitless number in many areas. How is that different from respawning? Wizardry games feature random encounters, not a pre-determined amount. Did you just define all these games as action RPGs? Get real, these systems are not dependent on sub-genre, they're simply different approaches to game design.
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