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January 7th, 2011, 16:01
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
You should play Fallout 1 before launching such assumption. I haven't played all FF but the III ie the VI in Japan if I remember well, the IV and the VII plus a bit of I&II.

A better story polishing just can't match a more adult story, plus alternate choices plus no random encounters that pop from thin air, plus no harassment of repetitive fights, plus no forced grinding. :biggrin:
You should perhaps not rely on tired stereotypes whilst attempting to bash jRpgs.

So ok, the original assumption (FF>Fallout/ES) is obviously flawed, as they`re equals, and thats only when we assume it makes sense at all to compare such different games competitively. Never even mind FF I-IV are old and truly hardcore. Try comparing Wizardry IV to Fallout (arguably pinnacle of the genre & from 97) , see what happens.

Complain about stories in jRpgs? Please do - but only if you understand Japanese psyche & are fluent in the language. As it is, translations kill/maim most of the subtleties+ main story too sometimes. I mean it - if you get a Western game translated badly, it`s awkward, but with Japan it becomes meaningless/ridiculous.
Of course you get truly bad ones too, but hey, Diablo & every other western one had Tolstoy-like writing, right? (try Digital Devil for adult themes, it runs circles around Fallout`s Mad Maxery)

Random encounters?- No sireee, we`ve never seen them in Western games oh no I swear, no no no! :) Laughable.
Although, of course, they can be annoying. In some titles. In others - less or not at all because you got your fixed/visible ones. Alas, it`s easier to pretend there`s only one catch-all jRpg out there.
Repetitive fights? Matter of opinion. Again, in some games, yes, you press A all the way through - in others, you have to study FAQs because battle systems are so complex, Fallout`s a pre-school. Also, the simplistic ones usually make up for that with crazy ass monsters that differ from fight to fight.
Grinding? Mostly a myth (yeah, I said it :) For the 3rd time; in some titles - yes- but in majority not at all. That is, if you explore & do side quests. But, you do that , right? And what, you never did some sweet grindin` in a western game?
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