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January 7th, 2011, 22:13
I didn't wrote best JRPG hadn't a good writing. I think the overall writing is better but it lacks of a more adult approach like in Fallout 1 or The Witcher. But apart few examples, best WRPG don't match best JRPG in that matter.

For the forced grinding, since a long time in WRPG tradition it's a characteristic known as a weakness. So the best WRPG tend avoid it, often at the price to be too easy when you grab all quests and fights. At the opposite it's a standard in JRPG, it's possible that this is changing a bit those last years, but if that changes it's very recent.

You are quoting Diablo like the WRPG, ho my, please quote the right references, Diablo is more an action game and just a bit of RPG.

I didn't comment "random encounter" but "random encounters that pop from thin air", that is mood breaking for me. This is a long tradition in JRPG, when in WRPG it started disappeared during the first years of the 90's.

Yeah repetitive fights, more in JRPG because the fight spawning rate is much higher than in WRPG. This approach of harassing the player with constants fights is a typical JRPG approach and it produces plenty more duplicates.
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