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January 8th, 2011, 16:13
Well, ok , we can argue till a slime appears :) but it`s rather pointless. What I`m saying is that the flaws you pointed out are either not as serious (in most games) as the common opinion indicates, or are meant to be that way on purpose. And, obviously, what may not make sense to us, is perfectly a-ok with Nippon folk, as evidenced in continuously high sales for these "traditional" titles.

Anyway. I used to think this way, but changed a bit, and now I (mostly:) don`t have a problem with these things. It`s just a different mindset, also required when playing old Wrpgs.

FF VII is a great game and vastly different from the one you`re comparing it to, bloodlover. And yes, I think Fallout beats FF hands down.

If you didn`t buy it how do you know it was soooo bad? Many reviewers changed their mind once they actually played it for a bit, apparently it opens up later on.
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