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January 9th, 2011, 11:47
With DA 1 you got 2 or 3 DLC things just for buying the game new (regular edition). Unless someone resold their copy of it and hadn't used their codes you would have to pay for that same DLC if you wanted it in a used copy of the game. Which makes sense…they want more people buying the game NEW.

The only thing remotely bitch worthy about this is the fact that it's only included for free in the signature edition. And really? You're going to bitch about that? I mean come on, you can BUY the DLC separately probably for LESS money than it would cost to buy the signature edition and get it for "free". To gripe about people buying a MORE EXPENSIVE version of the game getting a little free crap is kinda silly.

If day one DLC is an insult to you ya might as well be preparing yourself to be "insulted" pretty frequently for the foreseeable future…because it ain't going away.

As for DA2…eh, I STILL haven't even finished the first one. I've gone fairly far a couple times and then just lose interest. Might have to try it with some mods next time. I doubt I'll pay more than $20 for DA2 and will definitely be waiting to see exactly how much content is in any DLC before bothering to pay for it.
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