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January 9th, 2011, 14:18
I didn`t care much for DLC in general until yesterday, when about 12 hrs into DA:O (second-hand, yeah) I`ve met a certain fellow named Levi Dryden.

I must say I`ve been around for quite a while and yet I don`t recall ever being so literally disgusted with a videogame. Hell, I didn`t know it`s actually possible.

So, I don`t mind being locked out of some content because of my second-hand cheapness, i`m also ok with them releasing tons of additional crap if they feel like it, but destroying a game which I just started thinking is actually pretty good is abominable. Because thats what Mr Levi, with his "Hai Grey Warden so I gots this cool story to tell ya but i need your credit card" (Nah, sorry, left it in my other armour bro) has done for me. Putting PREMIUM CONTENT & wait-here-in-imaginary-camp-while-I-snap-back-to-reality in actual game itself made my head spin.

Thanks, Bioware.
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