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January 9th, 2011, 14:07
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
After over 20 years of reading reviews and playing games Ive grown to trust the reviews. There is always som truth in them too especially if you know yourself very well when it comes to games and you remember to crossreference the reviews.
Fair enough…I also mostly "trust" reviews and your methodology is sound. In case of FFXIII there was lots of later ones saying the game is not actually so linear…
It probably isn`t really up to standards set by the latest FF`s but I believe it might still be worth playing..especially that it came down in price now. And even sub-standard FF game still has the potential to beat the *^$% out of many contemporary Rpgs.

As for all the "F3 is crap" crap…please. I mean I can understand people`s dislike of Oblivion, but with this one - vanilla or not - you`re just wrong. Also you can not get a bigger fan of the first two Fallout`s than me- no, really: equal - ok, but not bigger, and i don`t really see the problem with the whole "legacy" thing in F3.
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