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January 9th, 2011, 17:49
I'd like add something about DKS vs D2:EG.

I have almost finished D2:EG, well not really but played large parts of last (big) part of the game. And that last part is the more original but alas the difficulty management fails a lot too much.

In that parts of the game you often get a lot too hard fights (clue there's perhaps something else to do elsewhere) or a lot too easy fights (alas it's often when you get back to a part/quest that was previously too hard). And when I mean easy it's a lot worse, in fact you'll often end in fights where your character nude (removing all but weapons) will take no damages or almost. I quoted this could happen even if the monsters are only 4 levels lower. So you flee an area/quest because it is too hard and when you come back to it you get a boring gameplay like if you play with god mode activated.

So it's possible that DKS is a bit more streamlined in first part. But it seems that for the more original and more interesting part of the game ie the last parts, that DKS is the choice to make. I can't say by myself, but from what I read the god mode problem I mentioned and the overall difficulty management has been changed in DKS, this making it possibly a much more worthy pick than D2:ED, to be able enjoy better the last parts of the game that are the more original.
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