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January 10th, 2011, 12:53
Molyneux was all about the ideas way before that, though.

If you look at the games of Bullfrog - you'll find that every single game since Populous has been about trying something new and interesting, and in my personal opinion - all of them were severely flawed because the actual gameplay was never that good. Sometimes the ideas themselves were so neat/great that they overcame the dodgy gameplay, but I'd have to say that was rare and certainly didn't carry a single entire game in my experience.

One notable exception would be Syndicate - which DIDN'T have Molyneux at the helm, but one of the coders IIRC.

Even the "greats" like Dungeon Keeper and Magic Carpet were cute/interesting, more than working solid game designs.

Naturally, that's just my opinion - but that's how I've always seen it.

Molyneux is not a designer, he's a child in a position to create toys - and that's what he's doing. The sad part, actually, is that he's been increasingly focused on making games rather than toys, and since he's incompetent in that way - he's never going to fully succeed until someone else calls the shots.




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