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January 10th, 2011, 14:52
"Flawed" I can agree with, but not "severely". Also these flaws were easily forgivable, since game design was so groundbreaking. The games were heaps of fun too, and luckily I was young enough not to dissect them in a manner I might these days.

So, for example, even if I never truly mastered Powermonger, I always came back just to fiddle about with things and see what happens. It was so ahead of it`s time and also full of promise about videogames in general… (glad I didn`t know what will be the state of affairs in 2011 :)

Syndicate - yeah, it was kinda solid, but also bit disappointing for me, maybe for that reason. The solidness took out the crazy innovation and once you got over the graphics and flamethrowers it was quite a dull game. As for Magic Carpet I must disagree- finished both and don`t recall any serious flaws…

Well now he`s got a real toy to play with, the all-conquering Kinect. Good luck with that, I hope he lays off this tired Fable franchise at least for a while…
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