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January 12th, 2011, 09:59
Or maybe not. I didn't just make my post up, you know.

From producer Nathan Davis:


Start your engine. This game is the first to use Obsidian's proprietary Onyx game engine. Dungeon Siege III is a perfect opportunity for us to show what we can do with our own internal technology. While Onyx is fine tuned for RPG production, it also is graphically powerful and was built with our art director's vision in mind.
…Whereas for NWN2:


Urquhart also affirmed the studio's dedication to making sure the sequel will meet the high expectations of Neverwinter Nights' loyal fan community. One of the primary reasons for Obsidian and BioWare's decision to build the sequel using the same game engine, Aurora, as the original game, was to allow the fan community to continue building content for the sequel (rather than using an all-new engine that would be completely incompatible).
Obsidian did write a new renderer for NWN2 but there was still BioWare code - I don't think it's worth arguing where the old stops and the new starts. The new version of the Aurora engine was called Electron, whereas this is an entirely new engine they made from scratch, called Onyx. I'm sure using some of the same artists might lead to some similarities you're seeing.
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