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January 12th, 2011, 14:58
I have the new pcgamer mag and it shows a preview of characters that look exactly like the engine used in NWN 2.

Your probably right as I said some of the game characters look like the npcs from NWN 2. I just thought it might be a new engine based off the electron toolset. To me if you make a new engine shouldn't the graphics be different?
A common misconception, people place more responsibility for how the characters look on the engine than they should. Truthfully, the art department is as much, if not more, responsible.

Engines determine raw polygon pushing power and which gfx shaders/techniques you can use, such as bump maps and dynamic shadows. Not how the art looks, the shape of the mesh and the texture maps.

Your statement is like someone saying they've bought a new car and someone else says 'I dunno hey, I've seen it and it's red, which was the same colour as their previous car. Based on the colour, I think they're lying and it's the same car.'

I see the same arguments about Oblivion/Skyrim : "I hope they aren't using the same engine, I don't want to see Oblivion potato faces". That had nothing to do with the engine. The engine is just rendering the polygons (mathematical data exported by the art application) that the artists create. A new engine would render those meshes in a nearly identical way (possibly with better lighting fx / shadows).
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