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January 12th, 2011, 21:35
There is always something positive to say about keeping things as simple as possible in the tool arena. Shouldn't have to be a 3d CAD graphics artist to create a campaign, but it's great to have that as an option, but it should not be a must.

I was one of those that complained about the radial UI. I absolutely hated it for my spellcasters. Way too many clicks to find spells and not enough quickslots for all the spells (and items) I liked to cast. The quickcast bar was a vast improvement.

I can't say that unequivocally about the rest of the UI.

Getting rid of the inventory tetris was a big plus for me, but the tiny and hard to read/distinguish inventory item icons made inventory management worse! The basic objective to make inventory management easier was somehow lost on the devs.

Of course, camera control and automation was absolutely terrible, and much too complicated to customize to make it bareable.
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