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January 13th, 2011, 07:05
Originally Posted by tolknaz View Post
Seeing the small number of RPG-s released last year and their overall quality level, i still can't understand how a game like Alpha Protocol could go completely under the radar as far as coverage in mainstream gaming media goes.
Well, the "mainstream media" seems to have an obsession with "polish." To some people, polish usually means the quality of the graphics and animations, and these are two departments that Alpha Protocol lacks quality in. I certainly don't understand these criticisms, as many of my favorite RPGs lack "polish" by this definition. Out of curiousity, I read several Alpha Protocol reviews by mainstream press outlets (such as IGN, Gamespot, etc.) that absolutely ripped this game apart for having "sub-par" animations and graphics. These particular reviews spent more time lambasting the poor sneak animations of AP, for example, than they did on the actual story or gameplay mechanics.

Also, many people seem to have misunderstood what type of game AP is - an RPG. Most reviewers seem to have been under the impression that AP was supposed to be another Mass Effect 2 - as in a story-driven shooter with light RPG elements tacked on. If someone was to play AP thinking that they could run and gun their way through every level giving no thought to their character build, I imagine they wouldn't have a very good time. As a result, some reviewers label AP as being "broken" or "buggy" because they don't understand that there is a chance to hit mechanic based on the player's skill level with every weapon type (along with weapon stats and upgrades) and that stealth relies on certain abilities and equipment instead of pure stealth mechanics.
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