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January 13th, 2011, 19:41
I tried play a bit Alpha Protocol and get hurt by many details in its beginning, not sure when I'll try it again:
  • The controls seems weird, one key for close fighting and a different key for shooting.
  • Just one key for close fighting, that seems extremely basic, is DKS require own a master in action game? And I won't even quote a game like Torchlight.
  • There's something very wrong with the camera, not sure why but it's clear many players can be hurt by that point.
  • The mood is just cold, and that includes the hero himself.
  • The strange action dialog system requiring instant reflex decision is weird. I'll never enjoy such system and will just feel it frustrating to see decisions points disappear because I didn't react fast enough, or will be frustrate by decisions I'll not like just because it's done in hurry. This action pressure on dialogs is I bet something that won't like many players.
  • The too clear non adaptation to PC of a console game is something always unpleasant even if not a major point.
That is a lot of immediate unpleasant points that jump on face of the player a long time before the story has any chance to grab him, nor the action to grab his interest.

I could worth a lot, but the sin is the beginning is unattractive and worse, it is repulsive.
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