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January 14th, 2011, 00:23
Originally Posted by szokol View Post
It's strange, till now the expected size was something like the greek area of TQ, not the whole game.
From the forum comments of the devs, the game will be a mixture of action- and "real" RPG's. Questlines, factions, hidden caves behind destructible walls…

I can't wait!
Hi, I'm one of the designers on Grim Dawn and I just wanted to clarify to make sure no one was mislead about the game size. Szokol is correct, we anticipate that the size of the game will be about equivalent to Greece in TQ or possibly a little larger if we can manage but certainly not as large as all of TQ. We're a very small, unfunded, indie company and it is just not possible for us to match TQ's epic scope with our first release.

This is why we will be releasing the game for about $20 as opposed to TQ's original cost of around $50. The thinking is that we're releasing the first installment of the game and will use the profits to continue developing new expansions. One thing we are doing though is building the game in a way that will create even more replay value.

I hope this makes sense to everyone. For more info, come visit us on the Grim Dawn forums!


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