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January 14th, 2011, 20:18
Since they made an "Ultimate Edition" for Dragon Age: Origins, I know I won't buy DA2 before they publish one there as well (with all the DLC inside, you'll get a complete game). It's just not worth it (at least I think so), to pay twice as much (or even more), for just a few months. I'm really frustrated by this. I pre-ordered Origins (for PC) and it was painful to watch, how the price got halved in 2 months. It doesn't make sense to get a game early, at any cost.
Also, there will be several patches. People who buy it later won't just get it dirt cheap, but they'll also receive a much more polished product. It's not like there aren't any other games to play in the meantime.
I preordered The Witcher 2 however - other than DA2 I really can't wait to play THIS. I have my savegame ready for the import.
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