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January 15th, 2011, 15:55
Originally Posted by Omega View Post
After having installed the MODs this morning I immediately started to play where I left off but in less than a minute, impulsively, I went back to the Main Menu to start anew. 'Wouldn't it be more fun to be a dabbler?' So now I'm a (female) dabbler burglar.

Being able to enjoy all fixes and the new advantages is a bonus. Thanks, Ergonpandilus, for letting me know. And thanks for all your hard work!

Weird though, despite having higher figures (numbers/scores - how do you call them) compared to the ordinary burglar, as a dabbler burglar I seem to be less successful in lockpicking, fast talk and picking pockets…

I'm off again, …. back to the game.
You can see what's going on behind the curtain if you open the message log (think it's the 3rd or 4th button bottom left). Basically, if I remember correctly it works sort of like this. Your skill and tools give you a 'buffer' # of points to succeed (so, if your skill is 6 and you use lockpicks (+2) you have 8 buffer points). Then, 3 rolls are made (if you right click on the skill it'll tell you what it uses, for example (CO, DE, AG) those are the 3 checks against your stat scores it makes). Let's say you have CO 10, DE 11 and AG 12. A 1-20 roll is made on each. If it's lower it passes. If it's higher, you use your 'buffer points'. So, let's say your rolls are 8, 15 and 10. The 8 would be lower than the CO 10 so it's a pass. The 15 is higher than the DE 11, so you use 4 buffer points, and the 10 is lower than the AG 12, so you make the check and are successful with 4 points to spare.
There are modifiers of course, a difficult lock could be +2, or a specially easy lock could be -2, etc.
All made up numbers, I'm just talking from memory.
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