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January 17th, 2011, 22:51
There seems to be more ambition behind witcher 2 project. But it is too early to say really. I just keep my fingers crossed that cd projekt red stays true witcher roots instead of dumbing it down to masses. Nowdays you can never be too sure. Atleast they seem to pc-friendly still, so thats a small comfort in all this madness.

As for dragon age 2, I remember the good old days when bioware devs spoke openly about dragon age orgins, and how it was meant to bring classic party rpg back in the spotlight or how it would define the genre like baldur's gates did back in the day. Luckily they were right and DAO turned out to be one of the best rpgs i've played and it moved the genre forward.

So yes I'm eager to play da2, but sadly all those sketchy marketing moves are begin to tire me. They just leave a bad taste in a mouth. I'm glad that I had bough Special edition of dao so I didn't have to suffer their agressive in-game advertisement campaign of Varden's keep. Nonetheless it reduced my joy a bit as well, knowing how low bioware had declined.

Step by step all the openness which bioware was famous of began to vanish. Nowdays we mostly see bunch of pr heads talking (like the biodocs) instead of designers or writers. David gaider and others still occasionally do interviews, but even they have to repeate the pr-team's mantras like loyal puppies.

And how about these various dragon age 2 versions. I remember the time when it used to be a special edition and a regular edition. Nowdays there are different collector's editions depending on the region or the place of purchase, special editions, regular editions, preorder's exclusive content, release day dlcs etc. I hate to miss a content no matter how insignificant that may be, but I don't want support this kind of marketing either. Its a dilemma to me. "Smoke and mirrors" is what describes ea's/bw's marketing plan best…
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