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January 18th, 2011, 06:15
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
There should be respawning in the Crow's Nest.
Yeah, ran into that the hard way. I figured out a colored flame puzzle, got back out again, and got ambushed by critters I had already taken down some hours earlier! After the initial shock, I took them down pretty easily, though. Going up against critters two levels your junior is quite a bit easier than the ones two levels your senior. I probably could have just jumped & dodged out of there but… well… the first one to go drown dropped some loot. <drool>

Actually, that reminds me of something which I keep bouncing back and forth on - economy. I've almost never needed to sell anything. I sold some stuff early on in the game simply because I didn't have room to carry more. I also sold a little stuff early in Flames to buy some choice loot. But the vast majority of stuff just goes to the Battle Tower coffers where it does nothing but make my save game files a little larger. It really saps the joy out of those 2-choice rewards once it started to get obvious that the second reward would never get used or even sold. But then, I wouldn't be at all happy if I had to keep going back to my tower to sell off stuff, either.

If the vast majority of your best loot comes out in the field, like in this game, maybe it would be better not to have an economy at all. If you aren't going to give me something to buy, just skip the stores completely. I think I would be having a lot more fun with this loot if I could outfit my runners and maybe some soldiers with what I'm finding. I've already got enough to outfit a small army.
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