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January 18th, 2011, 22:27
Originally Posted by stamar View Post
the only reason I wouldnt say black isle as a developer, the in house interplay developer,

Is because icewind dale was so much more boring than baldurs gate.

I dont know why but in the 5 infinity engine games they made the very best one and then the only bad one imo
No, IWD is a great game just a very different one. It was entirely focused on battles and dungeons, had very little (if any?) sidequests, not a whole lot of dialogue either.

Because of its focus it was very fast paced and challenging, and its length didn't overstay its welcome. This made it very satisfying to finish. And because it was not 100 hours long and you got to create your own party, it was great for replays.

It also had an amazing musical score (a bit better than BG's, although that was excellent as well). And although it was the same engine as BG's, it had much nicer and more varied art design than BG.

If anything the only bad one was IWD 2 which made some improvements over IWD (more dialogue, some interesting quests, more voice overs) but was a bit tedious and had poor pacing (come on who put a puzzle-y Ice Palace in my dungeon crawler?).

And to be fair, by then the Infinity Engine just failed to impress after Morrowind and Dungeon Siege (looked pretty at the time, still sucked). And it wasn't so much looks either, it was still gorgeous 2D, but there were no surprises, same basic mechanics as previous games (at least Planescape mixed it up quite a bit).
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