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January 20th, 2011, 04:25
I haven't done that timed quest but I'm on my way to Stonefield right now on the main quest, so perhaps that's it. The first dungeon is ok, but the game in general really gets cranking after the town gates are opened. I didn't start loving this thing until i got out of the intro areas.

Yes the game is more taxing than Oblivion, but other than the Capital which is freaking huge and so detailed it lags a bit, I've had no issues. 9800m GTS laptop. However, I'm running as follows:

view distance 100%
distant landscape on (a must)
distant buildings on (a must)
grass slider 50%
exterior shadow range 30%
quality shadows off
actor distance 25%
objects 25%
grass shadows off
tree detail 25%

There are alot of NPC's in the game and they are all seemingly busy doing stuff, so set the actors accordingly. I haven't noticed any "pop in" actors at 25% so its not a problem. You can't see objects further than 25% anyway so rendering them is pointless. The big one though is the tree detail, it made a huge difference. All it does is give less leaves, the game still looks amazing and natural. There are ALOT of trees in Nehrim! Grass has always been an issue with the game. Play around with it, you'll find a nice balance.
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