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January 20th, 2011, 09:37
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I see choices and consequences as completely separate to randomisation. In fact, I rarely have time to replay games so that isn't a concern for me. However, even if I don't replay, choices make me feel like my character has some impact and makes me feel rewarded for certain character development choices - even if I never re-play it to see a different outcome.
Exactly. Also I have to say that randome encounters do very little with regards to replayability, although I imagine there is untapped potential there as well. But usually it just means "oh another fight with 3 goblins, 2 Orks, and 1 Ork Lord" which will not be a hell of a lot different from my last one with 6 gnomes and 1 Orc Shaman.
@Daroou: with regards to AoD which is really built around C&C as a central cornerstone (the second one being classic TB combat),your critique is really not well placed. For randomization and coop you will definitely have to look elsewhere, and there is plenty of that in Roguelikes, Diablo-clones, including indie efforts like Din's curse.
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