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January 20th, 2011, 14:14
Originally Posted by fatBastard() View Post
There is a difference between conscious choices and "hidden" choices.

"Do you want to kill this guy or let him live?" is a conscious choice.

"Oh by the way, remember that fellow beset by wolves you met back in the beginning of the game? Yes, that's right, you should have saved him, because he only knew the location of the Anti-Bad-Guy-Sword of Badassness +9 that you really need at this point." is a hidden choice.

Conscious choice I don't mind, but I stay WAY clear of games with hidden choices. Sorry, not my cup of tea at all.
Depends on the frequency, and the severeness of the consequences. Used in moderation I think this can be interesting, but it can be annoying if it is overused or unjustly punishes the player.
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