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January 21st, 2011, 22:15
I do agree with the reviewer and I know not many players agree that the dragon part is THE feature of the game. From multiple point of view, from exploration point of view, and for symbolism, and for epic feeling, and even for fights I enjoyed quite a lot doing stupidly fights for fights with the dragon like in Gothic 2 I was fighting Orcs around the castle just for the fights (and doing so breaking the mood setup by the game).

The dragon best part is definitely the exploration part, stunning, and totally refreshing, and quite well designed despite the clear difficulty of this approach.

But I also agree with many players thinking that the little puzzles, the numerous secrets, and the exploration are also the kicking feature of the game.

About the game release I'm not sure it's so bad it didn't get a good distribution, D2:ED had too big flaws. Such delayed distribution through a better tuned release with DKS isn't a bad thing. I don't think D2:ED would have been a commercial success in USA. North American players are a lot more sensitive than Europe players about extreme polishing, and D2:ED was anything but very polished.
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