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January 22nd, 2011, 22:31
Originally Posted by Polyester View Post
Interplay are not claiming they are working on Fallout MMO themselves,
They are. The Bulgarian studio is largely providing the engine and technical assistance. Interplay has several developers working on FOOL, including Jason Anderson for a while, and now still Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green, all former Fallout devs. And Serge Suleiman, formerly of Obsidian (did the world art for Alpha Protocol).

Originally Posted by Polyester View Post
The last of which would screw BethSoft majorly, since I bet they have at least 3 different Fallout games in various stages of production - Fallout 4 for sure, a MMO of their own, since if I remember correctly they have their own internal MMO studio for the last couple of years which has announced no titles so far, and at probably another "New Vegas" type sequel or some other spin-off.
Bethesda would still be allowed to produce Fallout 4 if the contract reverts. ZeniMax Online is presumed to be working on TES Online. And any further DLC for New Vegas would not be blocked regardless of contract status. I doubt the game is currently further licensed out for a spin-off.
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