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January 22nd, 2011, 22:44
Hello, everyone,

finding out that the spell names received quite strange sounding names for the English-language manual, I'm trying to translate them, to give you an inside of how they sound originally.

English - German

- Eye Of Eagle, Ear Of Lynx - Eagleeye Lynxear

- Aerofugo Vacuum - Aerofugo Vakuum

- Fastness Of Body - Armatrutz (from arma -> "armor", kind of, and "trutz" from "trotzen", which is to defy, to outdare in English)

- Attributio Courage - Atrributo Mut (Same with all other Attribut(i) spells : the English name has an "i" added)

- Move As The Lightning - Axxeleratus Blitzgeschwind ("Blitzgeschwind" could indeed be roughly translated as "Speed of lightning")

- Balm Of Healing - Balsam Salabunde (an ingenious Elven spell, the humans lerned it from them)

- Lightning Find You ! - Blitz Dich Find ! (Same, no explanation or translation needed)

- Cold Shock - Corpofrigo Kälteschock ("corpo" from "corpus", latin or pseudo ltin, and "frigo" from German "frieren" = "to freeze" or "frost" = "frost"; the word "Kälteschock is = "cold shock")

- Summon Djinn - Dschinnenruf ("call for a djinn", roughly translated; modern variant would be "dial-a-djinn" or so )

- Duplicatus double vision - Duplicatus Doppelbild ("Bild" is usually translated as a "picture", and "doppel" = "double")

- Ecliptifactus Shadow Force - Ecliptifactus Schattenkraft (same, no further bla needed)

- Restore Attributes - Eigenschaften Wiederherstellen (same)

- Iron Rust Rot - Eisenrost und Patina ("Eisenrost" = "iron rust" and "patina" is the thin layer of oxidation on metals; for example, copper gets a green "patina" over the time, as it corrodes, hence the spells means "the metal shall rust and corrode !", implicitely)

- Ice Cold Warrior - Eiseskälte Kämpferherz ("Coldness Of Ice - Warriorheart", this is the literal translation of the German spell name)

- Elemental Minion - Elementarer Diener ("Diener" = "Servant", in TDE, EVERY minor elemental is called a "Djinn"; there are Djinns of the water, of the fire etc. … and an indirect report is there indicatibng that there once must have also been Djinns of the "seventh element", and that is the Astral Energy)

- Hawkeye Markmanship - Falkenauge Meisterschuß ("Hawkeye Master's Shot")

- Dancing Sparcle Swarm - Favilludo Funkentanz ("Funken" are sparks - and the word "Tanz" means "dance")

- Light in The Darkness - Flim Flam Funkel ("funkeln" means originally "to sparcle")

- Foramen Foraminor - Foramen Foraminor

- Thunderbolt - Fulminictus Donnerkeil (also shortened as "Fulmen"; "Donner" = "thunder" and "Keil" originally = "wedge" or "ridge" - so in principle it's just a Thunderbolt, yes)

- Gardianum Magic Shield - Gardianum Zauberschild (same)

- Master Of Animals - Herr über das Tierreich (essentially the same, only in other words)

- A Helpful Paw - Hilfreiche Tatze (same, only the article is mising in the German-language version)

- Horriphobus Phantasm - Horriphobus Schreckgestalt ("Schrecken" = "horror" or "terror", a "gestalt" is a "shape" of a body; the word "Gestalt" is normally *not* used for things that are not bodies [of animals or of humans], although it is sometimes used as a term in arts as well; the essence of this is to let the spellcaster's body appear like a horrifying creature, phantasm, whatever, so that the attacker flees, because of the terror this distortion evokes)

- Ignifaxius Burst Of Flame - Ignifaxius Flammenstrahl (almost the same; one could translate "Strahl" as "stream"; this is the "flamethrower spell" of the Drakensang spells, so to say)

- Ignisphaero Fireball - Ignisphaero Feuerball (same)

- Clarum Purum - Klarum Purum (from "klar" = "clear", essetially meaning "to clear something [up]")

- Culmination Ball Of Lightning - Kulmination Kugelblitz (this is what is originally meant : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning )

- Paralysis Stiff As Stone - Paralysis Starr Wie Stein (is I think the same; formerly "Paralü Paralein" until 4th edition rules, which changed quite a lot of spell names and took their rhyming completely away; the result of this spell is actually turning a person into stone; the effect is represented much more drastic in the ROA Trilogy than it is in Drakensang)

- Plumbumbarum Heavy Arm - Pkumbumbarum Schwerer Arm (same; refers to the chemical name of the element Lead (Pb) )

- Psychic Focus - Psychostabilis (sounds slightly distorted; the correct translation would be "Psychic/mental stability", in this sense)

- Calm Body, Calm Spirit - Ruhe Körper, Ruhe Geist" (same with he exception of "Ruhe", ich can be translted as "calmness" or as "tranquility" or as "rest"; the translation of "Rest Body, Rest Mind/spirit" would be the most correct one I almost assume)

- Meek You Be - Sanftmut (can be translated as "Meekness", as "Gentleness"; the translator used "Meekness", but formed it like a command like in Paralysis)

- Elvenword Silkenspeech - Seidenzunge Elfenwort (same except "Silkentongue", so to say)

- See True And Pure - Sensibar Empathicus (another quite distorted spell name; "sensibar" could come from the English "to be sensitive", and "Empathicus" is just "empathy"; the result of this spell is, according to the German-language handbook, to "sense the feelings/emotions and the moods of the other one"; naturally, if you are empathically gifted (like the Elves are) )

- Skeletarius - Skelettarius (a dark spell that normally only Black Mages and Necromants use and which would in most aventurian towns normally result in an instant ban of the spellcaster !)

- Sleep Of A Thousand Sheep - Somnigravis Tiefer Schlaf (funny name, I must admit, but the correct translation is a bit different : "Somnigravis Deep Sleep" - I see in the Wiki right now that the TDE 3 name of this spell was indeed a bit different (including rhyming, which is gone from the 4th edition on) : "Somnigravis Thousand Sheep - Sink Down In Deep Sleep !")

- Tlaluc's Pestilencial Breath - Tlalucs Odem Pestgestank ("Odem" = a terribly ancient and outdated form of "breath", and "Pestgestank" could be translated as "Pest Stink"; I really don't know who Tlaluc was …)

The River Of Time has one one additional spell :

- Rescindere (German name) - I don't know how it is called in the English-language trnslation.

There are also miracles of the God of Phex, and rituals of the Geodes (the Geode is the most original form of a so-called "Sumu Priest" from which all aventurian Druids developed).

“ Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.“ (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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