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January 23rd, 2011, 03:25
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
They are. The Bulgarian studio is largely providing the engine and technical assistance. Interplay has several developers working on FOOL, including Jason Anderson for a while, and now still Chris Taylor and Mark O'Green, all former Fallout devs. And Serge Suleiman, formerly of Obsidian (did the world art for Alpha Protocol).
I was under the impression that the Interplay team on the Fallout MMO would be handling the design part of the game, where as Masthead (the developer) would be handling all the rest, presumably after they complete their own MMO. If a larger part of the works falls onto Interplay's shoulders, it spells ever worse for the game if it ever sees light of day, that is.

Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
Bethesda would still be allowed to produce Fallout 4 if the contract reverts. ZeniMax Online is presumed to be working on TES Online. And any further DLC for New Vegas would not be blocked regardless of contract status. I doubt the game is currently further licensed out for a spin-off.
ZeniMax Online is probably deep in development of TES Online, true. However, I believe I read some reports of them ramping up quite a sizable studio and funding (at some point). Which is to say that a Fallout MMO there is not completely out of the question and is at some point along at development. Frankly, unless BethSoft has any concrete plans, readied development and funding for it, I generally fail to see their die-hard position on the Interplay suit, especially the ban on use of assets, lore and stuff on previous Fallout games. Otherwise they could have settled long ago, and watch the FOOL game die a horrible death and wiped the slate clean with the announcement of their own game.

Sure, F4 is covered by the original agreement, and so are future New Vegas DLC. While BethSoft is a one-game team, they've shown not to hesitate do outsource development to other teams (as with F:NV) and they've been on a shopping spree, gathering a number of studios under their wing. While non of them have announced any Fallout plans so far and sure won't for a while (since their Beth's policy obviously is to announce new installments close to release) nothing is stopping them to fund development of a New Vegas-type game to another studio or a different genre spin-off (FPS for example) as to not lose/capitalize on momentum in the franchise.
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