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January 23rd, 2011, 08:51
Originally Posted by Korplem View Post
Exactly, Bethesda bought the rights to the old Fallout games but Interplay took it upon themselves to release a fallout 1 + 2 (and Tactics, I think) package a year or so ago, without Bethesda's permission.

EDIT: And I really don't see why everybody thinks that Bethesda is the "bad guy" here. Sure, they aren't going about it professionally but I seem to remember Interplay overstepping their legal rights before, with BioWare. They decided to license the Infinity Engine to somebody without BioWare's permission (I must add the required "iirc" here).
Bethsada did not buy the old fallout games if you read the contract. Interplay can sell the games they made and Bethsada will not see a dime of the money. They want to stop sales because the old games have nothing to do with them and there vision of fallout. Im sorry to say based on legal technicality Bethesda is in the wrong. Im not saying interplay is right either but a contract is a contract. You cant break it just because you want the IP license.
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