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January 23rd, 2011, 09:47
Originally Posted by Korplem View Post
Exactly, Bethesda bought the rights to the old Fallout games but Interplay took it upon themselves to release a fallout 1 + 2 (and Tactics, I think) package a year or so ago, without Bethesda's permission.
Incorrect. Please read the APA Ausir refers to before making blatantly incorrect claims like these. Bethesda complained about the naming "Fallout Trilogy" but failed to inform itself that this name predates Fallout 3 and thus does not break the APA.

Originally Posted by Polyester View Post
I was under the impression that the Interplay team on the Fallout MMO would be handling the design part of the game, where as Masthead (the developer) would be handling all the rest, presumably after they complete their own MMO.
Something like that, but it's hard to know the exact division of labor from the outside looking in.
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