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January 23rd, 2011, 16:08
Originally Posted by Korplem View Post

EDIT: And I really don't see why everybody thinks that Bethesda is the "bad guy" here. Sure, they aren't going about it professionally but I seem to remember Interplay overstepping their legal rights before, with BioWare. They decided to license the Infinity Engine to somebody without BioWare's permission (I must add the required "iirc" here).
That's exactly the point, many players look at this case from what they know of each respective company, not from the case itself.

Interplay haven't released any good RPG (or game?) since many years, when Bethesda have released the "wonderful" Oblivion (I think it's a crap) then the "amazingly fun" Fallout 3 (can't comment), so yeah they clearly win the case.

In term of law it's pointless to discuss this, at this degree of nonsense agreements they sign, common sense means nothing.

From a morale point of view it's quite clear that Bethesda want all and not pay more, ie they want the MMO for free. This lawsuit won't cost them that much if they fail and if they win it's a huge profit. The counter argument is that with Fallout 3 and FNV they resurrected the brand so they own it now no matter any previous agreements and so should own any Fallout MMO.

Even if I see the points of the second arguing, this lawsuit is so silly that Bethesda should stop this non sense and make a Elder Scroll MMO if they really want make a MMO.
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