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January 23rd, 2011, 21:38
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
You might be correct if you ignored the legal contract Interplay signed. They had 2 years to secure 30 million minimum to fund the MMO, they did not. So they lose the rights. No mutants allowed of course side with interplay on this, that however does not make interplay right.

In reality interplay is pissed bethesda made all the money they have off o f oblivion and now want a peice of the pie.
Reading you it seems that it's Interplay that is doing the lawsuit, but it seems I have to learn you a very important point, it's Bethesda that attacked.

Also the case seems far to be as obvious than you seem think because the point you mention isn't one of the new development but a point under justice examination since 2009 following another lawsuit launch by Bethesda. If Bethesda is throwing new points it's most probably they are going to lost on previous points including the one you quote.

About being "pissed" obviously both sides have elements to be "pissed". For the players point of view I can understand Bethesda fans see only the points for Bethesda. I'd quote that what MMO made Bethesda? With a MMO Bethesda won't have their fans fill with mods the holes they let in their games.
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