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Default Updated Ati Fix: Flashlight Flickering Solved, New postprocess folder without flashli

January 24th, 2011, 00:22
From Deep Shadow forums:
Originally Posted by sq_paradox
So after much toiling I think I have solved the flashlight/headlight flickering issue left by the original ATI postprocess fix.

I scoured Rage 3D's forum, as well as this one and its Russian equivalent for any indication of who might have made this patch or how they did it. Finally, someone suggested that a completely empty HDR file would fix the problem (and create others of course). I tried it; it did not. However, it gave me the idea that the problem might be in the files from the postprocess patch rather not ones still packed in the grp file. So I tried the same with the other files, and voilа: no more flickering.

I quickly realized that the problem was localized to ingame location so, choosing one file, I used a binary process of elimination to find out exactly where the problem was. Eventually I narrowed it to a single line. Commenting it out solved the problem but the flashlight seemed to lose some of its texture. I tweaked around the values and the flicker can be virtually eliminated without commenting out the lline, but I didn't want to spend the time fine tuning it (probably for each planet individually). Thus the corresponding line is commented out in all files in the postprocess folder. The ship file has also been added to eliminate the flickering on board your ship.

I tested the headlights and flashlight on the Goldyn and the flashlight on Gli, my ship, and a station. I have yet to notice any ill effects on other parts of the game but please post if you do.

TLDR: I fixed the flashlight/headlight flickering here's the updated postprocess folder.

Alternate Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ut4ftddteb64rj
Feel free to add, if I missed something…
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