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Default Vital Engine 3.0 tools (unpacker, QRE)

January 24th, 2011, 00:57
Here are some tools that will help any modders out there.

- A tool to unpack the game's 'group files' which contain most of the resources, readme included in the zip. Works for both White Gold and The Precurors, all versions.

NOTE: The unpacker won't work with the original main.fat's that come with White Gold, and includes altered main.fat files, but if you want to use your original main.fat with the unpacker for whatever reason (there is a beta version of the game out there) then you simply need to open main.fat in a hex editor, copy the entire contents, and then paste it onto the end of the file. Effectively just doubling the contents of the file.


- An 'improved' version of the resource editor (QRE) provided by the developers. This lets you edit the in game text (dialog, menu's, etc), and I've exposed the localisation functionality which allows you to export / import to / from Excel.

For both White Gold and the Precursors the developers had done some translation in several languages. English, Spanish, French, German, etc. This version of QRE gives you access to all of that text also - it's incomplete but not a bad start if you're interested in doing a version for another language.

A readme is included with instructions on how to use it.


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