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January 24th, 2011, 01:32
I would like to see the following things:

- Personlize the looks of your character
- Personalize the clothing of your character
- more space ships to buy
- more weapons
- more varied NCP's (I see too often the same faces)
- adding children to the game (just for in the towns or populated zones cause it makes it more realistic)
- more planets
- more fauna and flora
- more vehicles (more variation)
- more weight limit (I know Wesp5, I keep on repeating it cause want it that much )
- third person view
- a radio in my space ship with different channels so I can listen to music when I mine and when I kill me some bad people
- wingmen with commands I can give if possible
- companions when I'm on planets, would like to have a chat with them as well or exchange stuff with them
- more spacy music when I'm in space and if I'm not listning to the radio and on the ground as well
- while I'm at it, more varied music in bars

If I think of more I will add other stuff but feel free to share your thoughts as well.
Just for the sake of dreaming cause I know this game isn't really that moddable.
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