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January 26th, 2011, 09:47
It would be nice to be able to join a faction and have a follower or command group (like in STALKER Clear Sky) that would be awesome running around with some empire guys in the exo suits!

MORE WEAPONS! all I ever use is the Assualt Rifle.

Satiation? (getting Hungry and having to eat or you lose stamina)theres plenty of food around too.

A new Planet or expansion of slighly used planets (like the planet you go to get the Cold Fusion device - its small)

actual faction oriented space missions (instead of protect/escort/destroy)

varied NPC models/skins

better sunsets (in my game it goes from light to dark VERY quick, theres no twilight)

better rain (the rain looks awful)

A-Z custom skins so she doesnt look like every other hologram

Option to build/ buy home on each planet (complete with STASH BOXES)

More "Mercenary" type missions.(assassinations,sabotage,theft of sensitive materials and new tech) Treece is a merc after all, he should be in high demand with all the different factions.

change out some of the broken perks(like Chaser) and add in some better perks (maybe a 50% damage bonus against Gnows)

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