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January 26th, 2011, 16:37
Keeper Skaven, how is the game working for you w/ modern hardware/OS?

I tried playing DK2 (the version I told you about previously) on my 7x64 monster machine, and it just crashed way too much past lv#4, it was unplayable. So I transferred my saves to my old XP machine and it works great, not a crash yet.

I think a lot of people dont appreciate the utility, and quite frankly just the awesomeness of the Possession spell. Seriously, you can solo an enemy Keeper if you know what youre doing. The creatures get lots of different spells that they dont use otherwise, not to mention (but I'll mention it anyway) you can run, which is huge. Possess a warlock and rain fiery doom on enemy units and cannons, approach it like an FPS, dodging ranged attacks. Possess a high level imp and hit their burst of speed ability and tunnel around, teleport back to the dungeon heart at will. Good times.

One area that DK2 is lacking, and it's always been a beef of mine w/ the game is the fact that the query mode sucks so much. In DK1, a query on a creature brought up all the info on it - wage, spells, damage, etc. A query in DK2 gets you a name and … blood type? Wtf?? Sounds like we need a query mod.
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