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January 26th, 2011, 17:44
I agree in some respect. Don't give me clones that there are already a hundred of, but do give me some clones that there aren't that many of or improve them just a wee bit.

I can't stand action rpgs like Diablo anymore. I'm tired of them, but if you throw in an interesting gameplay element like in Depths of Peril with factions, then I'll play that game forever. I loved factions and I hate how he hasn't put them into his game twice now.

On the flip side I wouldn't care if someone flat out made a copy of a game like Wizardry, X-Com, Masters of Magic or Quest for Glory games. There are not many clones out there for these games. There are a few mods for MOM with Civilization and of course Elemental, but still not nearly enough of them and no one is making blob games anymore except for a few like Frayed Knights. Give me some of these PLEASE. Make it decent. Maybe improve a few things like some cool spells/skills, but just make them and I'll buy them.
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