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January 28th, 2011, 16:25
FO3 controls, as you know, are a joke - partly due to a bad port, of course, but also because you need to hit the Walk button every time , uh, you want to walk. And even then it`s a set speed (atrocious btw). In a game like this, where exploration/sneaking is crucial it`s not acceptable anymore.

After spending a year with 360 - where you have a smooth transition from v.slow to fast I just can`t go back.

It`s different for competitive/twitch FPS games -no doubt. In these you must be able to do 180 in a split sec, impossible on a pad.

In third-person games I find it much more comfortable to operate camera by moving a thumb by a fraction of a millimetre than constantly shuffling mouse around. Just feels more intuitive/easier.
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