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January 28th, 2011, 22:10
Obsidian certainly is notorious for the amount of bugs present in their games but to be fair, similar to Troika, Obsidian has long suffered from publishers rushing their work and forcing them to finish their ambitious games in an unreasonably short time-frame. Let's look back at just two examples of Obsidian not being given an appropriate amount of time to "finish" their games from a polishing/bug-killing standpoint: Kotor 2: 18 months. Fallout: New Vegas: 2 years (I think). Alpha Protocol, while not "polished" in some respects, wasn't really "buggy," at least from my experience with the game and compared to their other projects where they weren't given enough time. Either way, I'm usually willing to forgive Obsidian for the bugginess of their games because they make pretty unique and enjoyable RPGs, and I'm fairly confident they will do a good job on DS3 (although I'm not too excited about this one because hack n' slash games typically don't appeal to me).
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