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January 29th, 2011, 18:02
Originally Posted by zadokAllen View Post
After spending a year with 360 - where you have a smooth transition from v.slow to fast I just can`t go back.
Since the 90's Doom offered Joystick controls that allowed this, no need of a console. I never heard of any player coming back from keyboard with mouse to Joystick. For me the problem with a joypad (I mean analog gamepad) is the direction changing just doesn't match a mouse from very far.

It's not a problem of precision it's a problem of a controller that doesn't do exactly what I want because of its imprecision.

It's like gamepad (I mean digital pad), I just need look at turn based games and how they avoid as hell design the game requiring precise diagonal movements, it's just because the controller isn't functional to do that.

The point is many generations has been trained during years of their childhood to use gamepads so now they have a different point of view. Myself I never used much consoles and never during my childhood nor even during teen, so I just can't imagine how it is for players that spend years of gaming with gamepads.
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