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January 29th, 2011, 18:54
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
Battles are spent constantly rolling around all over the place (the only defensive "maneuver"), jumping 30 feet in the air, and hoping to wear opponents down in silly battles of attrition. Combat is not the most important part of an RPG, so the shallow and tedious battle system of Divinity 2 certainly wasn't game-breaking for me. However, because combat is inevitable in RPGs, I prefer my combat to have some depth, either through the need of formulating good strategies or the use of sound tactics. Divinity 2 requires neither.
I rather disagree.

Some skills are pretty useless at lower levels and start to shine later, maybe that contributed to your negative experience with warrior.

I play battlemage on nightmare and found combat only tedious in fortresses where most of it could be easily bypassed (which I did) and sometimes in Broken Valley (where I often had to resort to archery despite not having stats/skills developed for that), but thatīs kinda to be expected being low level and all.
I, for example, never use jump attacks. Rush, Firewall, Whirlwind (Way of the Battlemage added later) are where itīs at for my char.

And combat does have some depth. Maybe not combat scenarios themselves, but, at least on higher difficulties, there are demands on strategic character/gear development and tactical part comes when you have to play well to your characterīs strengths/resources.
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