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January 29th, 2011, 19:12
Originally Posted by zadokAllen View Post
Your explanation seems to regard FPShooters/turn based games. Which I agree with. It`s obvious.
Not at all, Turn based strategy games (diagonal problems, menus problems I didn't highlight and coming from a lack of mouse), Diablo like game, Adventure games & puzzle games (ability to point and click), anything, because from my point of view gamepads and joypads don't do their job well, in general for anything.

I don't see a single example where they are better, car driving and plane simulators, simulation games requiring a lot of panels and interactions, brick breakers, shmup, and many more. Even platformers, there's been many on PC recently through indie and they just show how keyboard+mouse is better even for those games.

But yes it's my point of view, ie from a player that never played much on any consoles.

Coming from a recent in deep dive in touch gaming I believed keyboard + mouse couldn't rival dual stick games, but just one indie PC game showed me how I was wrong. The only thing is few touch controls for few games that could be better for me than mouse but it's very rare, and tilt controls that are surprisingly fun and pleasant for first person driving.
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