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January 29th, 2011, 21:48
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
I'm not a fan of any dev team/studio but i feel quite isolated now it's about Obsidian:
  • For me Obsidian isn't Fallout 1 but Fallout 2 and if FO1 is a top favorite I never enjoyed FO2 and never been able played much of it.
  • For PS:T it's for me one of the bad beginning I would quote as an example to avoid, boring and repetitive fights, pedant dialogs and repetitions too, tedious exploration and repetitive places, weird mood that didn't catch me at all. I don't know if the intent was to mimic PK Dick interrogations about mind world vs real world, but I enjoyed a lot ton of PK Dick books and not at all PS:T beginning.
  • The whole Icewind Dale series, well some fun fights design but tedious series from a RPG point of view.
  • BG2: DA well is this really noteworthy? Well ok, I never played it.
  • Kotor 2 as far I remember never been highlighted as better than Kotor 1 and in fact I remember it's more the reverse that was highlighted.
  • For NWN2 I don't remember so many gamers was fan of it and remember more that I had to struggle to defend it. It's still a game I would say good and more but with a bit too many weakness.
  • MotB has a huge writing for me and many good gameplay design point in particular the morale choices with no clear black/white answers. But the soul meter and some other points wasn't amazing design points just had the big plus to be original. But this game, certainly among my top favorites, also show writing weakness, if the global story could build well your compassion for some of your companions, it's also strange the total failure to make any of them attaching.
  • Alpha Protocol: I just tried the game, and still have to understand what's so fun in it.
  • FNV: Ok this one seems quite good from the few I played, that's only two for me among a long list, with MoTB.
  • DS3: Morph a party game to a single character game, that's a very bad point to them.
So really no I don't see any reason to be a fan of Obsidian.
I respect your opinion, but I hope you know that you just slapped some of the greatest RPGs, and action-RPGs of all time in the face? How could you do that? Fallout 2? Icewind Dale? Mask of the Betrayer? Really?
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