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January 30th, 2011, 00:09
You use them like spells.

The round dots are - in the mechanics - a bit similar to astral energy : You use astral energy for a spell, and then an amount of the energy is gone. Must be replenished, after that.

The "Karma Energy" - this comes from the God directly ! mut be "replenished" for further use of miracles, too. Or so I understood it. If a dot under the portrait is full coloured, then it has enough "karma energy".

Now, how is this energy replenished ? By doing deeds that the God likes.

Phex is the God of Merchants and of Thieves alike - so they get "replenished by thievery, in this case (not by trading, as far as i know) - and that is : open up locked treasure chests, pickpocket from people …

For proper role play you should also know that Phex - Cuano's God - frowns upon greed. Following the path of greed is = following the path of Phex demonic antagonist. In TDE, everyone of the Twelvegods has a demonic antagonist. The demonic antagonist of Rondra, for example, has followers which are called "Black Amazons". You see them in both Drakensang games.
So, Phex detests greed, and thus, pickpocketing from poor people as well. By doing so, a character comes more and more closer to the demon of greed, who offers at one point a demonic pact. This isn't carried out in any of the TDE games, though.

Phex rather likes deeds of wits. The wittier a phexian deed is, the more he likes it.
But this aspect isn't carried out within the game either.

So, to sum it up in short : Miracles work "mechanically" much like spells. And the karmal energy is replenished by going "phexian deeds" like pickpocketing, opening locked chests, and defeating evil enemies.
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