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January 30th, 2011, 02:15
Originally Posted by J_C View Post
I'm sorry, but the platformers, driving games and third-person action games where the emphasis is not on shooting are way better with gamepads than with keyboard and mouse. These games benefit from the analog controls, and the keyboard÷mouse don't have that. I don't know how much did you play these kind of games with a controller, but if you get used to the controllers, there is no way the keyboard and mouse feels better. I bought a gamepad to my PC a long time ago, just for these kind of games.
I didn't wrote I never used gamepads (but I didn't used much joypad) because I owned various consoles.

I don't think play one year with gamepad will make it better than mouse plus keyboard, but play during all childhood with gamepads for sure can change a feeling.

That said there's always place to debate even if at end it's just a different life experience difference. So I wonder what you mean by third person:
  • First there's RPG, turn based or not, I wonder how any pad could beat a mouse plus keyboard.
  • There's action games like Diablo, again no pad can match.
  • There are dual sticks, well just try some PC game like alien shooter 2, once more pads just can't match.

For driving game I don't know that's possible, but one point there's nothing more analog than a mouse, only touch controls are more analog and any stick aren't more analog than a mouse and are far to offer the same degree of precision.

For platform games, it depends of the platform game, PC shows some using a lot the mouse controls, and they are huge in term of controls. For those going to dual stick, the combo mouse plus keyboard is quite great I bet you never tried.

But well I can't imagine what it could be for people intensively trained to gamepads during all their childhood, at this age children learn a lot naturally, so I can only suppose it makes a huge difference. For someone that never used keyboard nor mouse, nor pads during all childhood, I think the keyboard plus mouse combo is just unbeatable and I have yet to see games that feel better with a pad.
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