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January 31st, 2011, 10:09
And hey, it’s an action-RPG made in Europe, so this style is par for the course with these games - from Gothic 3 to Risen, The Witcher to even something like STALKER, it’s exactly what these developers go for: a wild disregard for quality assurance, unique atmosphere, hardcore gameplay, and a late-game payoff that comes at the cost of the instant gratification that American game developers are always striving for.
What??? Made in Europe but intant gratification for American developers. Huh???

As far as quality assurance, I absolutely loved Fallout Vegas but it was the buggiest game I even played. And I'm not talking stupid voice over actors with lame scripts or incomplete quest, I'm talking full blown crash to desktop or crash the computer bugs that happened just about every play session. There was even a former Gone Golder reviewer whose review copy did not even work. I think the Fallout folks did a cost analysis and just put the game on the market regardless of it huge bugs. Thank god for the Euro RPG developers that gave us Gothic/Risen/Withcer/Stalker becasue the American RPG developers for the most part have went to MMOs.
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