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January 31st, 2011, 23:29
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
Because the Mass Effect series is easily one of the best stories in RPG history. And no, I am not a "moron" or insane because that's how I see it.
I wasn't trying to imply people who liked it were morons. My comment was a bit harsh and not meant to insult anyone. And I adored ME1, partly because it had a great human story with the whole Saren thing.

For ME2, I'm merely commenting on the story itself, from a literary perspective. If you diagram the story and chart the plot, ME2 falls apart. It relies on extremely poor storytelling devices, such as coincidence, happenstance, and hyperbole.

But I did enjoy ME2 when viewed as a 3rd person space adventure with a Hollywood popcorn plot. There's no doubt ME2 had awesome production values and superb presentation, which is why it "seemed" so epic even though upon closer examination, it was all illogical (why are they building this thing in the first place? why would they leave the key to their secret base out in the open? if they keep doing such stupid things how are they so smart? if they can kill Shepard so easily, why didn't they do that in ME1 or do it again in ME2!?).

So story is another way FNV crushes ME2, since FNV has a much more realistic and human story. But to each his own.
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