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February 2nd, 2011, 02:40
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
This is silly.

I played a bunch of this game and it was OK. The category is "Worst" not "Most Disappointing"

But whatever.
Actually, if you judge 5 beers. One is always going to have the worst taste.

It is never implied the taste is bad. The second best beer tastes worse than the first. It's all relative. If the best beer gets a grade of 7 and the worst beer gets a grade of 6 than they are not that far apart, but the one that get's 6 is still the worst beer of the bunch.

I only limited myself to judging the beers I actually tried so that trimmed the elegible list down some.

I focussed on how I liked the taste, while some might have voted based on their doubt that one of the beers actually qualified as one.

Others judge the beer based on whether or not there are any dead flies floating in it.

So worst doesn't mean worst ever because the worst beer can still be a good one.

Similarly if you only taste three bad beers, there is still going to be one of them that is the best and one of them that is the worst of the batch.

The worst beer is the one that is left when there aren't any worse beers (of the ones you tasted).
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